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  • Nicole Koster Strawberry Jubilee kicks off spring festivities

    Strawberry cake, strawberry filling, chocolate strawberries, baskets of strawberries and a pyramid of strawberry cupcakes were made and presented as part of the annual Strawberry Jubilee to honor of the state fruit. Strawberry Jubilee took place Wednesday, April 16 from 11 a.

  • Megan Ferrando Alumni returns for annual Guitar Festival

    Guitars filled the stage, working as a unit to perform a melody of sounds.  The 15th annual guitar festival ended Monday, April 14 as Southeastern’s Guitar Ensemble took the stage along with guest artists Constanta Lungu on violin and Hristo Balev on guitar.

  • Olivia Moreno Wind Symphony collaborates with renowned composer

    Students from Southeastern’s and St. Amant High School’s Wind Symphony had the privilege to perform a modern composition while being able to work with guest composer, Dr. David Maslanka. The Massachusetts native has over 130 compositions to his name, and has been a freelance composer since 1990.

  • A&E.jpg Dickens paints a story

    A recent art lecture delved into the relationship between art and literature by exploring the connection between two men of different times for the “Let’s Talk Art” series. Although Charles Dickens was a great writer of the Victorian era, he was inspired by an artist whose lifetime ended before he was born.

  • William Schmidt Lone dancer supports national environmental causes

    The Department of Fine and Performing Arts used dance as a weapon of social justice against the water conservation problem. Samantha Barnes, a freshman general studies major, danced next to the Katrina-Rita Memorial Fountain on Saturday, April 12 at 3 p.

  • Melanie Mann Ghost Light venue offers creative outlet for artists

    The strum of guitars, the beat of the drum and the sound of the violin filled the dark and intimate room of the Ghost Light concert venue as multiple bands from folk to rock took the stage. Pete Pfeil, associate director of operations and production, worked alongside David Avelar II, operations and production technical assistant, to begin a new scene for the local community to come listen to music.

  • Claire Salinas All Styles night brings out musicians' individuality

    The annual Guitar Festival held an all-styles night last Monday during which students performed their favorite pieces, including jazz, contemporary and folk styles. The Guitar Festival is an annual event sponsored by SGA, the Arts and Lectures Committee and the Southeastern Guitar Club in appreciation of the guitar.

  • news.jpg Annual concert to feature 100 voices

    Hundreds of audience members will soon gather to watch the SLU Choirs present their annual concert entitled “Requiem,” where over 100 students will combine their voices to sing the two-part show. Tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Columbia Theatre, the Southeastern Women’s Chorale, Concert Choir and Northshore Chorale Society will join together as they present their spring concert “Requiem,” composed in 1985 by John Rutter.

  • A&E.jpg Dickens contributes to the visual arts

    The “Let’s Talk Art” series is far from its conclusion. David Hanson, department head and professor of English, will be giving a presentation on Charles Dickens and the author’s relation between his writing and the visual arts on Wednesday, April 9 at 5 p.

  • A&E.jpg Acclaimed composer to perform with wind symphony

    Out of more than 130 of acclaimed music composer David Maslanka’s works, forty of them are pieces for wind ensemble. They include seven symphonies, fifteen concertos, a Mass and many concert pieces. “His compositions have been performed throughout the U.

  • A&E.jpg Guitar Festival to close with ensemble

    The Guitar Festival will close with an ensemble of music students and two guest speakers, bringing an end to this season’s testament to the instrument. The ensemble will perform Monday, April 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Pottle Auditorium. The ensemble will consist of music majors and two guest speakers.

  • Emily Stephan Dancers support environmental issues

    Students and non-students alike will crowd around the Katrina Memorial Fountain to celebrate the essence of water and champion its conservation through dance. On Saturday, April 12 at 3 p.m., the university will participate in the National Water Dance.

  • Megan Ferrando Hammond celebrates art culture

    theater, paintings, photography, music displayed through town

    A collaboration of the arts was presented in downtown Hammond as photography, paintings, theater, music and more filled the streets.   Hammond celebrated its fifth annual Art in April on Friday, April 4 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The city became a Louisiana Cultural District in 2009, allowing artists to sell their work without added taxes.

  • Maria Goddard Jazz festival honors alumnus Bill Evans

    Bill Evans is a Southeastern alumnus who is widely considered to be one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. He is honored every year at Southeastern’s Bill Evans Jazz Festival. This year the festival featured the addition of middle and high school bands performances.

  • A&E.jpg Production to fill audience with 'Doubt'

    As the final installment of the 2013-14 Southeastern Theater season, the popular Broadway play “Doubt” by John Patrick Shanley will bring the drama of a Catholic school in the Bronx to the Vonnie Borden stage. The play features a straight-forward plot following a small ensemble of characters that will leave the audience questioning the truth and doubting what they believe.

  • Nicole Koster Playwright twists classic fairy tales

    Classic fairy tale characters were represented by a man-child lost in his own fantasies, a woman with bestiality charges and anger issues, and a mad scientist posing as a concerned psychiatrist. These characters were part of “Storybook Asylum,” an original play written by senior Chelsea Krause.

  • Allison Crady Shattered Illusions


    Throughout childhood we believe in magic and fairy tales, until these illusions are shattered along with the knowledge of many harsh realities of the “real world.” Senior Chelsea Krause’s original comedy production of “Storybook Asylum” twists audience sentiment of fairy tale characters, placing favorites such as Goldie Locks, Peter Pan and Belle as patients in a mental asylum.

  • A&E.jpg LeJeune brings Aladdin to Springfield

    Flying carpets, a street rat craving a princess’s attention and an all-powerful genie set a familiar scene at Springfield High School. The story of Aladdin was told once more on Friday night, March 28. Along with the excitement of seeing a Disney film on stage, one of our very own Southeastern students, James LeJeune, was the one who brought it to life.

  • A&E.jpg Artist joins emotion with technology

    There has always been a great divide between emotion and technology, an idea that the two could never coexist. In her lecture for “Let’s Talk Art,” Cristina Molina, assistant professor of New Media and Animation, defied popular belief, showing technology could strike people with emotion in an artistic way.

  • A&E.jpg Guitar Fest to feature all styles

    Various individuals and groups will come together on one night to play many styles of music all through one similar instrument. All Styles Night will be the fourth installment in Southeastern’s Guitar Festival and will showcase musicians performing their own unique style on the guitar.