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  • MISA Awards Banquet MISA banquet recognizes student achievement

    The achievements of students from a variety of backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities were recognized at the annual Multicultural and International Student Affairs Awards Banquet. The accomplishments of students have been acknowledged for 24 years at the International Awards Banquet, which merged with the African-American achievement awards two years ago.

  • earth day Earth Day highlights green initiative

    Southeastern promotoes sustanibility among community

    The annual celebration for Earth Day was in full swing on campus. The graduate students of the Communication 621 class put on Earth day on Wednesday, April 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside the new Student Union. “The event has been put on for about seven years now by the Comm.

  • news.jpg Office of Student Engagement seeks director

    LaRocca says farewell to university

    Cherie LaRocca, who served as the university’s Director of Student Engagement for the past three years, has resigned and relocated to Delgado Community College. Her final day working at the university was Thursday, April 17. “I’m taking a new position at Delgado Community College in New Orleans,” said LaRocca.

  • news.jpg Science on Tap lecture details bug use in forensic science

    When you say the word forensics, most people think of a popular show like CSI. Recently, Dr. Erin Watson-Horzelski talked about her part in the world of forensics during a Southeastern “Science on Tap” lecture.  Watson-Horzelski is the only forensic etymologist in Louisiana.

  • phi mu, strawberry festival 2014 Annual festival honor state fruit

    The air was filled with sweetness this weekend in Ponchatoula, the self-proclaimed strawberry capital of the world. The city turned into one big festival ground for the 43rd annual Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival, and Memorial Park hosted the action where Ponchatoula farmers were selling their fresh, sweet, juicy strawberries in an array of possibilities.

  • news.jpg SGA hears concerns

    SGA listens to the concerns of those on campus and makes new resolutions for the improvement of Southeastern.   For over 20 years, some of the furniture in Sims Memorial Library has not been replaced. The Serials Department found on the second floor of the Library is in need of renovations.

  • news.jpg Professors improve health with standing desks

    Studying, Facebook messaging and eating dinner are all typical college student activities that have one thing in common: sitting.  According to Kinesiology and Health Studies Department Head, Edward Hebert, recent  studies have shown too much sitting can cause negative impacts on your health.

  • news.jpg Reports reflect dining out dangers

    Research shows caution should be taken in eating at restaurants

    Studies uploaded to the Consumerist website have shown people are more likely to get food poisoning from an evening out at a restaurant more than if they had eaten at home. A report entitled “Outbreak Alert! 2014” recorded that 1,610 restaurant outbreaks sent approximately 28,000 customers home with food borne sicknesses.

  • news.jpg Crain warns of spending freeze

    Though the state of Louisiana’s chilly climate is slowly thawing out as spring approaches, its budget is about to get icy. Earlier in the month, Governor Bobby Jindal ruled that state agencies must undergo a temporary spending freeze, which has been stirring up discussion and attention, even here at the university.

  • news.jpg Campus recycling bins being trashed

    Heaping piles of trash nearly burst at the seams of the recycling bins on campus, especially since the new and stricter policy on litter was enacted. However, this overload of garbage in the recycling bins is damaging the university’s recycling program.

  • news.jpg Graduate students to host Earth Day celebration

    Students will be given the opportunity to learn about the environmental conservation efforts of the university and get involved at the 2014 Earth Day celebration on April 16. Organized by graduate students of the organizational communication degree program, the celebration will incorporate campus beautification projects and informational displays set up outside the War Memorial Student Union from 10 a.

  • NAACP Talent Show Partition shows student talent

    Bright talents revealed themselves under a half moon at the fourth annual talent show  hosted by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The show, “Partition: a division of different talents,” included singing, rapping, dancing and poetry.

  • news.jpg Science supports religious history

    Historical and scientific evidence merged with important biblical events as unique points were made to a group of attentive listeners.  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes welcomed Dr. Vern Palmisano, a physician of over 20 years, to speak on the crucifixion of Christ to FCA and Baptist Collegiate Ministry members.

  • news.jpg Golden Silence remembers lost Lions

    Family, friends and the entire Greek community gathered together for a few moments of silence to respectfully recognize the alumni who passed away this year at Golden Silence. Golden Silence is an event that that takes the time to honor our deceased Alumni from the previous year.

  • news.jpg Foreign Language Festival recruits new students

    The main goal of the Foreign Language Festival, according to Dr. Luz Escobar, is to give high school students the opportunity to use foreign languages in a creative and public way and socializing with other students and teachers who are equally excited about language learning.

  • news.jpg Lucky Bucks coupons finds new manager

    If you are one of the many students at Southeastern who gets their textbooks from Textbook Rental each fall and spring semester, then Lucky Bucks should sound familiar. What may not be familiar is the story behind the coupon book. After running under the same management for nearly two decades, Lucky Bucks has recently gained a new owner.

  • Summer Jobs and Internships Fair, Career Services Summer employment and internship opportunities to be provided at job fair

    Though the unemployment rate for teenagers and young adults has skyrocketed in recent years, Career Services is working to increase resources for Southeastern students in the workforce by bringing a Summer Jobs and Internships Fair to campus. The fair will take place Tuesday, April 15 outside of the new Student Union addition from 9:30 a.

  • news.jpg Dining Services seeks student ambassadors

    Students benefit from many amenities provided by Dining Services including campus dining locations, meal plans and cub cash. The program is currently seeking students to serve as Campus Dining Ambassadors. Dining Ambassadors were designed to assist the university in spreading awareness of the options on campus, gaining student feedback and enhancing the dining experience for students and visitors.

  • Gay Gatsby Prom, StandOUT, LGBTQ+ Gay Gatsby Prom unites students to dance for equality

    Music resonated, colorful lights flashed and people danced throughout the Student Union Ballroom in 1920s-inspired fashion. Black, white, silver and gold adorned the room with the addition of punch bowls in every color of the rainbow. The fashion was not the only distinctive thing about this event.

  • news.jpg SGA to provide remedy for rainy Louisiana days

    Students may receive free rain ponchos

    The Student Government Association office is known for giving out free pencils, coffee and scantron forms at their office in Mims Hall, but they are considering giving out free rain ponchos, as well. The idea of giving out free rain ponchos was conceived by student Isabel Alber.