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  • Allison Crady A neglected craft

    With dim professional career futures and luxury statuses, athletics and fine arts departments should be on the same playing field for funds. However, according to the recently passed fees, the student population wants to spend literally 100 times more on athletics than fine arts.

  • Megan Simon Save the starving athletes

    I play for the Lady Lions, so you can probably understand why my stance would be for student athletes getting paid for play. I’m not saying we should be paid wages or a salary, but instead in scholarships, one of the funds supporting our education. People mainly see the glory of being a student athlete: being more involved in the university, playing for everybody to see, being a part of a team, but what most don’t know are the hours and hours of work that go into one game, let alone one season.

  • Nicole Koster Sports are games, not jobs

    The debate of unionizing student-athletes is polarizing, especially for student-athletes who play for state or private universities. Those teams rake in more than $5 million dollars a year from television and merchandise revenue. The student-athletes don’t receive a penny.

  • Allison Crady National economy hates teenagers

    With steadily dropping employment rates, it’s more difficult than ever for the youth of America to get hired. While these rates apply directly to teenagers, this economic issue affects and should concern everyone. According to an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, “For Job-Hunting Teenagers, the Market is Brutal,” today’s teenagers are suffering from unemployment rates worse than those seen in the Great Depression.

  • megan simon Keep sex in bed, not in class

    I hardly remember anything from sex education, a class I took in seventh grade. The only things I do remember are concepts I have learned in biology for what seems like a million times: gametes, zygotes, the process of reproduction through meiosis. As a young thirteen year old, I didn’t really care or pay that much attention in the class, but this is only one of the reasons I believe the bill to make sex education mandatory in all public schools in Louisiana should not be passed.

  • emily stephan Sexual ignorance is not bliss

    Back in junior high and high school, the sex education I received boiled down to one thing: don’t have sex until you’re married. However, studies show many teens don’t wait until marriage. Even in the most religious schools, some of the students partake in sexual activity beyond kissing.

  • Claire Salinas Global politics pops college bubble

    Look on the bottom of your shoe. Where was it made? Not in America? That’s what I thought.  We are living in a global economy and can no longer say that what happens in other nations doesn’t affect us. We import a large chunk of our products from other nations and have trade agreements that we must keep intact to keep our economy running smoothly.

  • melanie mann, jpg Pokemon goes viral

    If you’ve been keeping up with Internet trends, you’ve probably heard something about “Twitch Plays Pokemon.” TPP is a stream of the classic Nintendo Game Boy game, Pokemon Red Version. The modified game allows viewers to input commands to control the main character, Red and his Pokemon.

  • Allison Crady Controversial conversation tests free speech

    According to a published article by Star-Telegram, written by Mitch Mitchell, a sexually charged relationship between a 31-year-old junior high school teacher, Sean Arlis Williams, and a 13-year-old female junior high student took place through 688 text messages over a 6-day period.

  • John Binder Minimum wage raise harms young workers

    The idea of hiking the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10, made popular by progressives, is so appealing to the masses because in theory, it sounds great. In reality, it hurts the individual it proclaims to help: the young, unskilled worker.

  • Sara Patrick Bike lanes necessary on campus

    Since the closure of the old Student Union, everyone has been forced to walk all the way around the construction, either between Pottle Music Building and Twelve Oaks Reception Hall or along the North Oak Street sidewalk from Fayard Hall to Ned McGeehee Drive.

  • Megan Simon Black History heroes show power in peace

    Many movements in the 1950s and 1960s set off the change for the fight for civil rights for African-Americans. We commemorate their efforts to this day through Black History Month. Whenever somebody thinks back to these times, the names of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Fernanda Chagas So much for celebration

    When my home country, Brazil, was chosen to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, I started to reflect on the consequences of that “opportunity.” I remember as a kid always getting really excited about the Olympic Games. As I acquired more knowledge regarding the preparation for those events, the excitement became a big disappointment.

  • Nicole Koster Olympics unites countries

    When the Olympic Games come on television, I get so happy. The athletes who compete are truly athletes; they aren’t a LeBron James, Tom Brady or any other professional athlete looking for publicity.  Yes, some Olympic athletes do receive endorsements, but the games show true greatness.

  • claire salinas Residential life makes college easier

    Every college brochure features smiling students telling people the best thing they can do for their college experience is to live on campus.  As someone who abhors all things cheesy, I was the person who threw those brochures away as soon as the orientation leader handed them to me.

  • melanie mann, jpg It’s OK to be single on Valentine’s

    It has come to my attention that Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. It’s a day I probably wouldn’t even notice if it weren’t for the groaning laments I hear every day from my peers who will most likely be without a Valentine this year. Since the month of February has begun, people who have previously shown no preoccupation with finding a partner suddenly begin to express dread of being alone on the most romantic day of the year.

  • Sara Patrick Murder is murder, two wrongs don’t make a right

    By Sara Patrick Editor in Chief According to an article by Associated Press Legal Writer Andrew Welsh-Huggins, an Ohio inmate was injected with untested drugs during his execution, which led to over 20 minutes of pain and agony before his death. His lawyer, Allen Bohnert, argued against the new method of execution, stating that the drugs could lead to “air hunger.

  • Megan Ferrando Cambodians teach lessons in gratitude

    By Megan Ferrando Staff Reporter It should not take a 20-hour plane ride and weeks in a foreign land to make me truly love learning, but it often takes something big to change someone’s perspective. Sitting around a table in the hot, humid air of Cambodia, with a pot of boiling rice and others walking barefoot in a church without air conditioning, the Cambodian youth took turns giving prayer requests.

  • Claire Salinas Millennials, we’ve got the power

    According to, Millenials are those born after 1980 – the first generation to come of age in the new millennium. There has been a lot of talk about this generation. More recently, the May cover of Time Magazine displayed an article entitled “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation.

  • melanie mann, jpg Expansion brings more junk

    With the new year comes new changes, and for Southeastern students, this includes the renovation of our beloved War Memorial Student Union. For those who do not know, a new cafeteria should be opening its doors to students by mid-February, and several new restaurants are set to offer their services in the food court.